Christmas Light Setup

Christmas Light Installs from Immaculate!

Looking for Christmas light setup in Calgary? From small homes to tall & large ones, we will beautify your home for the holidays. Our custom lighting system is unique and uses bright LEDs.

Call today at (403)-828-2351 or fill out this form.

We provide beautiful setups on roofs, trees, or anything on your property. We do all the work in-house and never sub-contract, so call today and turn your home into a festive winter paradise.

Calgary Christmas Lights that look Amazing!

We are your local Immacex Christmas Lights Installation Company. We offer our a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for you and your neighbours! Our installations also include take down so call today.

Ask us about group pricing, call 403-828-2351 to book. See the photos below for some of our best work.

Thanks for your interest in holiday lighting for the Christmas season! Book your installation today and save, call 403-828-2351 today!