Window Washing

Window Washing Magic in your Neighbourhood

Immaculate Exteriors believes that every window should have its own glow. That’s why we do what we do, we want you to be happy with your property and proud to live in an Immaculate home. Our window washing experts clean the exterior of all windows leaving a spotless shine. We always use our special de-ionizer foam brush. If you wish we will also clean the interior of every window. Read more about the Immaculate Guarantee Here.

More about Window Washing from Immaculate Exteriors...

  • Package Deals

    Speak to your neighbours and get a discount if we end up doing more than just your house!

  • Spotless Shine

    Our team will make your windows shine, we guarantee it. If you are not happy we will do it again.

  • Interior Option

    We now clean window interiors! This includes window sills, wall borders and the frames themselves.

  • Custom Walk-throughs

    We don't accept payment until we have done a thorough inspection and you are fully satisfied.

  • Set and Forget

    Set your appointment with us and we will give you a reminder phone call prior to your appointment. No hassle no problem!

  • Immaculate's Promise

    Immaculate Exteriors promises high quality service for all your clients. We make sure it is done right the first time.